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Who is Rebecca Chen?

Rebecca Chen is an Instagram Star, model, and social media celebrity who is well known for her starring role in the Singapore production movie “Siew Lup”. Rebecca started her endeavour into Cryptocurrency in 2019 and has successfully managed to grow her portfolio ever since. An avid believer in the Web3 space.

What is RebeccaDAO?

Roadmap / Vision

Roadmap/Vision RebeccaDAO’s vision is to create a community/DAO for SIMPS and to be a bridge for newcomers who want to build their only fans brand/network. Embracing the SIMP culture, empowering independent women with knowledge and wisdom about building themselves into a brand. With Web3 becoming mainstream and part of everyone’s life, Rebeccaverse will be an integral and exciting part of RebeccaDAO.

DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation)

RebeccaDAO community members are Savvy, Intelligent, Munificent and Prized. It is a supportive community where members are able to freely express themselves without discrimination. Members are also encouraged to share resources so as to help grow RebeccaDAO’s community. RebeccaDAO will have a community wallet where holders can vote to where to use the funds on, and Tier3+ holders have a %share in the profits. Community wallet will be fueled by royalties and % of mint.


Onlyfans is a great platform for open-minded individuals to share their deepest quirks and inner personalities with the world. RebeccaDAO will provide you with the knowledge and wisdom needed to start your own onlyfans page with Rebecca Chen acting as a personal advisor to guide you along the way.


As Web3 becomes an important part of everybodies lives, RebeccaDAO will be working closely with DefiNation to integrate all of our NFT holders to be part of Rebeccaverse. Rebeccaverse will be a place where we host weekly events for our community to be part of. A place where SIMPS gather to chill, mingle and play games with Rebecca Chen herself. A place where private events and parties are held for our exclusive community.

RebeccaDAO NFTs Holders Privileges

Holding 1 NFT

Holding 2 NFTs

Holding 3 NFTs

VIP Tier -Holding 10 NFTs

1069 NFTs For Mint

1069 NFTs For Mint

1069 NFTs are available for our community, 69 of it will be animated. 50 will be minted by the team for marketing, promotional and collaboration purposes.

Mint Information

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